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Ontario's Premier Range
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tips & tricks from one of our knowledgeable Range Officers
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Steady, Aim, Fire!
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Experience The Range


Whether you’re a Seasoned Shooter looking to become a member or looking to shoot for the first time, we’ve got something for you!

We have a variety of themed Shooting Packages available from Predator to the Walking Dead! Have an experienced, friendly Range Officer guide you through your experience.

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Kit up in our 3,000 sq ft retail store Urban Tactical Stocked with the latest Tactical Gear, Apparel, Firearms and Ammunition!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We can do a custom order for you!  Shop our Rangewear Line or Buy Range Gift Cards Now @


Stress relief, fun and adrenaline 7 Days a Week!

Mon. –  Wed.      9am – 6pm
Thurs. – Fri.        9am – 8pm
Saturday           10am – 8pm
Sunday              10am – 6pm

Appointments Required. Click Here to Book Now.


Southern Ontario’s Premiere Shooting Centre.


The Range @ Urban Tactical is the newest southern Ontario has to offer and rivals the best in North America.  We take pride in creating a safe, clean and enjoyable facility for all of our members and first-time shooters.

No license is required to use this advanced facility.  All Shooting Packages include Firearm use, Ammo and an informative instruction from our knowledgeable Range Officers.

Our Range Officers have 200+ years of experience, with plenty of tips and tricks to offer to have you shooting like a pro!

Shooters must be a minimum of 12 years old to use the facility.  All Shooters under the Age of 18 must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian at all times.

The Range features a State of the Art HVAC system which allows Clean Fresh Air to be cycled through the facility at a very high speed which dramatically reduces lead exposure and improves air quality.

We have custom packages, add-ons and premium targets available to give you the best and most exciting experience possible.

The Range @ Urban Tactical features 2 Indoor Shooting Ranges; Alpha and Bravo.

The Alpha Range: 50ft open concept range complete with an advanced rubber backstop that allows a near 0m engagement distance, making the Alpha Range ideal for advanced target shooting. Rated up to 7.62mm / .308 cal and 12ga 00 Buck.

The Bravo Range: 50ft 7 stall range complete with target retrieval systems, rated up to .50 BMG and 12ga 00 Buck and Slug.


Upcoming Events

  • Valentine’s Day Shoot – February
  • 5.11 Day Shoot – May
  • Canada Shoot – July
  • Halloween Shoot – October
  • Black Ops Friday Shoot – November

Stay tuned to our facebook page to be the first to know about our events!

Past Events


Fun Facts

.50 BMG Rounds Fired
Triggers Pulled
First Time Shooters
Smiles Created


What to Expect when you Arrive

1. When arriving to the range, you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff.

2. Select your Range Package, any additional ammunition add-ons.

3. The staff member will assist you as you complete your waiver form and check your Photo ID, then provide you with hearing and eye protection.

4. While the Range Officer is loading your magazines to prepare your experience, you can walk around our 3,000 sq ft retail store or hang out in our Lounge Area viewing the range.

5. The Range Officer will find your party and cover some safety points before entering the Range.

6. Now you are ready to shoot, have fun and be safe!

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Do I need a License or Membership?

No, no License, PAL or membership are required to Buy a Range Package.  Our membership is for licensed persons wishing to make us their club facility.

Do I need to schedule in advance?

It is recommended that you call to book an appointment.  Saturdays and Sundays are extremely busy, and we want reduce any wait times.

Can I buy more Ammunition for my Package?

Yes, your appointment is booked we ensure there is always enough time afterwards to add any additional ammunition for the firearms you enjoyed the most.

Do I need my own Guns?

No, we offer a Variety of Shooting Packages that include Firearm use, Ammunition and Instruction from one of our knowledgeable Range Officers.

Can my kids shoot too?

Yes, we allow Shooters from the age of 12 to 112!  Shooters from the ages of 12-18 must be supervised by a Parent or Guardian at all times and Proof of Guardianship is required.

What Should I Wear?

It is recommended that low-cut shirts or open-toed shoes are not worn while shooting due to the temperature of empty brass leaving the firearm.

What Should I Bring?

The most important thing to remember is your Government Issued Photo ID.  This is mandatory and required to fill out paper work prior to your shooting experience.


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